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Current Market Conditions

Straight Talk About The Market Today

There appears to still be somewhat of a hangover from 2017's early-season spike in pricing. Simply put, was the law of supply and demand.

As we went further into the year and there then started being more and more inventory on the market come end of March and on, it was not difficult to see the situation that was about to come our way.

TREB MLS® Average Resale Home Price.jpg

Was greed part of this? Certainly was...

Was very poor agent representation part of this? Most certainly was...

Was the basic law of the changing law of supply and demand adjusting with more and more supply coming on the market part of this?  Definitely was....

 TREB MLS® Sales-to-New Listings Ratio Compared.jpg   

Going forth, education and communication are paramount. Understanding where we are TODAY....not yesterday is the path to success.

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